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This is my new poem with the title "I'm Willing For You" - Correct poem from "OK"

I being reminder of you
In my Sleep
When I Know That My Guilty

I Can't Answer That
I Give All
What I Have
I Bet All
Just To Love You

Let Me Be
About My Bitter Fate
Your Love Just Illustration
Let Me Be I Go
With My Sad
Provided You Blissful
I'm Willing For You

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khairulmdnor said...

Hola...bro. nice poem but you should try to improve the word that you use it every phrase make sure it correct and not confusing. what ever nice try keep up with good more and learn to improve and make better once.

Fauzi Gonzalez said...

Ok khairulmdnor...thanks for ur comment...i will improve my word ok..thanks a lot...

eddygordo said...

Who is that in your poem??hehehe..
Someone special huh...
Anyway that's a nice poem but i think for the last santence it's not ok laaa...heehee..better change that sentence...
Nice blog with a nice background..
I like it..
That's all..Adios..

Fauzi Gonzalez said...

Hola eddygordo..thanks for your comment...i just use IT'S OK to the last sentence because to make this poem simple n sempoi..i like that theme..i hope u enjoy too k..