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15.3.14 : Carta Lagu Popular...

Jennifer Lopez & Ricky Martin

Idina Menzel 

1.Salahkah - Hafiz & Rossa
2.Gadis Jolobu - W.A.R.I.S & Hattan
3.Relakan Jiwa - Hazama
4.Al-Haq - Mawi & AC Mizal
5.Hanya Aku - Hyper Act
6.Rindukanlah - Encik Mimpi
7.Takkan Terpisah - Black
8.Setelah Kau Tiada - Cakra Khan
9.Sandiwara Cinta - Republik
10.Kalau Aku Kaya - Awi Rafael & Altimet

1.Happy - Pharrell Williams 
2.Dark Horse - Katy Perry & Juicy J
3.All Of Me - John Legend 
4.Talk Dirty - Jason Derulo & 2 Chainz 
5.Pompeii - Bastille 
6.Team - Lorde
7.Drunk In Love - Beyonce & Jay Z 
8.Counting Stars - OneRepublic
9.Let It Go - Idina Menzel 
10.Timber - Pitbull & Ke$ha

1.Odio - Romeo Santos & Drake 
2.Adrenalina - Wisin, Jennifer Lopez & Ricky Martin 
3.El Perdedor - Enrique Iglesias & Marco Antonio
4.Vivir Mi Vida - Marc Anthony
5.Propuesta Indecente - Romeo Santos
6.Darte Un Beso - Prince Royce
7.Hermosa Experiencia - Banda Sinaloense MS De Sergio Lizarraga
8.Te Robare - Prince Royce 
9.Loco - Enrique Iglesias & Romeo Santos
10.Mujer De Piedra - Gerardo Ortiz 

1.Some - Junggigo, Soyou & Lil Boi ( Geeks ) 
2.Come Back Home - 2NE1
3.Every Moment Of You - Sung Si-Kyung
4.Mr.Mr. - Girls' Generation
5.Miss you...Crying - Lyn 
6.Gotta Be You - 2NE1 
7.Full Moon - Sunmi & Lena 
8.Can`t Stop - CNBLUE 
9.It's You - Jung Eun Ju 
10.See Through - Kwon Jin Ah 





[Intro: Beyoncé]
I've been drinking, I've been drinking
I get filthy when that liquor gets into me
I've been thinking, I've been thinking
Why can't I keep my fingers off it, baby?
I want you, na na
Why can't I keep my fingers off it, baby?
I want you, na na

[Verse 1: Beyoncé]
Cigars on ice, cigars on ice
Feeling like an animal 
with these cameras all in my grill
Flashing lights, flashing lights
You got me faded, faded, faded
Baby, I want you, na na
Can't keep your eyes off my fatty
Daddy, I want you, na na
Drunk in love, I want you

[Hook: Beyoncé]
We walk up in the kitchen saying
"How in hell did this shit happen?"
Oh baby, drunk in love we be all night
Last thing I remember is our
Beautiful bodies grinding off in that club
Drunk in love

[Bridge: Beyoncé]
We be all night, love, love
We be all night, love, love

[Verse 2: Beyoncé]
We be all night, and 
everything alright
No complaints with my body, 
so fluorescent under these lights
Boy, I'm drinking, walking 
in my l'assemblage
I'm rubbing on it, rub-rubbing on it, 
if you scared, call that reverend
Boy, I'm drinking, get my brain right
Armand de brignac gangster wife
Newer sheets, he sweat it out 
like wash rags hee wet up
Boy, I'm drinking, I'm sanging 
on the mic 'til voice hoarse
Then I fill the tub up halfway 
then ride it with my surfboard
Surfboard, surfboard
Graining on that wood, graining, 
graining on that wood
I'm swerving on that, swerving, 
swerving on that big body Benz
Serving all this, swerv, 
surfing all of this good, good



[Verse 3: Jay-Z]
Hold up
That D'USSÉ is the shit 
if I do say so myself
If I do say so myself, 
if I do say so myself
Hold up, stumble all in 
the house tryna backup all that mouth
That you had all in the car, 
talking 'bout you the baddest bitch thus far
Talking 'bout you be repping 
that third, wanna see all that shit I heard
Know I sling Clint Eastwood, 
hope you can handle this curve
Foreplay in the foyer, 
fucked up my Warhol
Slid the panties right to the side
Ain't got the time to 
take draws off, on site
Catch a charge I might, 
beat the box up like Mike
In '97 I bite, I'm Ike, 
Turner, turn up
Baby no I don't play, 
now eat the cake, Annie Mae
Said, "Eat the cake, Annie Mae!"
I'm nice, for y'all 
to reach these heights we gon' need G3
4, 5, 6 flights, sleep tight
We sex again in the morning, 
your breasteses is my breakfast
We going in, we be all night


[Verse 4: Beyoncé]
Never tired, never tired
I been sippin, that's the only thing 
that's keeping me on fire, me on fire
Didn't mean to spill that liquor 
all on my attire
I've been drinking watermelon
I want your body right here, 
daddy I want you, right now
Can't keep ya eyes off my fatty
Daddy I want you


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